Credit Help

Credit Rebuild Program

Do you have Credit Issues and need to purchase a vehicle? We can help! Bad credit ranging from severe to minor blemishes are common. We can get you back on the road with the financing you need for the vehicle you want.

Rebuilding credit with an auto loan is a great way to repair & establish GOOD credit.

Step 1

Get pre-approved. Your pre-approval will help determine the vehicle, interest rate & money down. It’s always best to be prepared with most recent paystubs, letter of employment or NOA’s sometime the banks have a variety of requirements.
Get Pre-Approved Here

Step 2

Convert your pre-approval to a purchase application and purchase the vehicle.

Step 3

Rebuild your credit. After you purchase your vehicle, don’t miss a payment. It’s important to always make your payments on time, this will help lower your interest rate, get into another vehicle & lower the money down on your next vehicle.

A Williamson Chrysler, our goal is to negotiate the best term and condition for you to help get you on the road to recovery. Our specialty is in the acquisition and servicing of automobile retail installment contracts through our network of lending institutions.

Meet the Finance Team

James Slack
Finance Manager